Wedding Day Questionnaire

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Current Mailing Address
(Whatever this means to you, there’s no wrong answer)
(i.e. printing on our own, ordering a professional album, digital file storage only, canvas gallery on our living room wall, etc.)
(keep in mind how many hours are in your package and when you want coverage to end)
Please provide an address for the location.
First looks are nothing new - but they are still a little unheard of to some. We recommend having one, as it'll likely be the only private moment the two of you will get to experience on your wedding day. It's also a great excuse for more photos of just the two of you (and helps with a crammed timeline - as you can have family and wedding party photos done before the ceremony, rather than after) X next to your choice. Yes - with fiance only Yes - with a parent/grandparent/other No - I will not be seeing my fiance until the ceremony.
Please provide an address for the location of the ceremony.
Lavender toss, bubbles, balloon release, sparklers, etc.
Include any stops between ceremony & location
Please provide an address for the location
Sometimes schedules don't pan out and things run over. I will let you know when we are down to our last 15-20 minutes together so we can work in any shots that may have been pushed back. Yes - I am comfortable making this decision on the fly No - our budget is firm.
Please choose TWO: (your desired location and time-frame) Indoors (at the altar) Outdoors (weather permitting) Before the ceremony (works well with having a first look) After the ceremony I'm not setting aside time for these photos
Please list the groupings (with names), and designate a person to read from this list (or help gather the relatives) on the day of the wedding. example: 1. John & Jane, Nancy, Bob, Grandma Mary, Grandpa Joe. 2. John & Jane, Jennifer, Dave, etc.
What are their names?
Please list the groupings you'd like. example: entire wedding party, individual bridesmaids & bride, groomsmen & ushers, etc.
If you've prepared a timeline, feel free to send it my way!! Please put a rough draft here, if not 100% nailed down. If you'd like assistance, you can put that instead.
If your address will change shortly after your wedding date, list the new address here.
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