Your Name: Kylee Bonds


Phone: 817-422-4121

Your Fiance's Name: Preston Kleman

Fiance's Email Address:

Fiance's Phone: 806-638-0114

Current Mailing Address: 1306 W 14th Street, Littlefield, TX 79339 United States

How did you two meet?: We met outside Charley B's in Lubbock Texas on a very cold February night. My friends and I were going to the Wade Bowen concert and there was a long line outside to get in, him and his group of friends were standing in front of us and we all ended up chatting in line. Once we got inside, we all decided to continue to hang out. Preston asked me to dance and the rest is history...

Describe your first date with your Fiance?: This question is a little tricky, since I lived in Dallas and he lived in Lubbock it made it difficult to be able to go on a normal first date. After we met in February we talked for a couple of months before seeing each other again. The last weekend in April Preston came down to visit me and after that we took every opportunity possible to be with each other.

Share your proposal story!: Preston and I had talked about getting engaged for a few months and I was very anxious for it happen. When it had not happened the entire month of September started to think it wasn't going to happen. I was driving home to our house in Littlefield from Dallas one Thursday afternoon and did not arrive home until 8pm. I walked up to the front door and could see our dog Annie sitting in the front room by herself which I thought was odd. I opened the door and she went crazy from excitement as usual. Once I finally got her to calm down I noticed something around her neck, the note read "Dad has a question!". Right then I knew it was happening and my heart rate went through the roof. I walked into the living room and there was Preston on one knee and he asked that one question I had been waiting to hear "Will you marry me?" Of course I said YES! He had a dinner cooked for us with desert and champagne.

How would you like your day to be photographed?: Candid.

How do you intend to use/display/and preserve your wedding photos?: I plan on having my pictures every single way I can have them; printed; saved in a file on the computer, on the walls. These engagement and weddings pictures are so very important to me.

Does your wedding have a theme?: It will be more of a country theme: boots, sunflowers, beer, etc. Very laid back but elegant.

List three words to describe your wedding: Country, family, fun

What time will coverage start?: 12:30pm

Getting ready time and location?: At the venue, we will arrive around 8am-9am, we have to do the rehearsal that morning and then will start getting ready.

Approximate drive time between getting ready location and ceremony site?: None - getting ready at the venue

Will you be having a first look?: yes

Ceremony time and location?: The Big White Barn - Decatur, TX

Grand exit Y/N (and approx time) and details?: Y - sparklers

Approximate drive time between ceremony location and reception site.: No time, they are at the same place

Do you have another location you wish to take photos at on your wedding day - other than ceremony or reception location(s)?: No

Reception time and location?: The Big White Barn - Decatur, TX

What time will coverage end?: 10:30pm

If we run over our contracted time, do you want me to offer more time at our hourly rate?: Yes - I am comfortable making this decision on the fly. I love the fact that you are able to be flexible and I don't have to stress about time ending, we would definitely love the option of being able to go hourly should time run out.

Family Formals & Wedding Party Photos should be taken:: Before the ceremony - can do bride and bridesmaid pictures and groom and groomsmen pictures. Would like to be able to get as many pictures as we can done before the ceremony
Outdoors after the ceremony

Are there any concerns, sensitivities, or family dynamics I should be aware of?: Hmm not so much, my mom and stepdad and dad and stepmom are exactly the best of friends but I believe they will make it work for my wedding day.

Family formal shot list (recommend 10-15 groupings or less): Chanler my maid of honor can help gather people:

How many are in your wedding party- bridesmaids/groomsmen?: I will have 4 bridesmaids:
Matron of honor: Chanler Cofer
Bridesmaid: Sofia Maldonado
Bridesmaid: Molly Owen
Bridesmaid: Meaghan Geary
Flower Girl: Adalynn Cofer

He will have 4 groomsmen and 2 ushers
Best Man: Bryce Kleman
Groomsmen: Ethan Pruitt
Groomsmen: Saul Centeno
Groomsmen: Manuel Hernandez Limon
Ring Bearer: Adrian Salazar

Wedding party shot list.: I want to do the bride and bridesmaid and the groom and groomsmen before the ceremony along with the individuals. 
1. Entire wedding party
2. Bride with groomsmen
3. Groom with bridesmaids

Timeline: Still working on timeline

Anything else you want me to know!?: Hoping I can go back and make edits, if not I will send the information that has been left off. I just didn't want to lose all of the work I had already done!

T-shirt size: medium